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The Adventures of a Yankee Girl in Oxford, England

I should have pretended that I was Canadian

Hayley Elizabeth Rushing
22 June 1989
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This journal was created for the purpose of documenting Hayley Elizabeth Rushing's experience at the St. Hugh's College Extramural Summer School Programme (Session II) at Oxford University in England from 29 July to 20 August.

This is a candid, truthful, objective narrative of the events, feelings, and thoughts experienced while during this "programme" (extra "me" and everything). Any inappropriate material will be appropriately labeled as such (i.e. "rated NSG -- Not Suitable For Grandparents"). After all, I promised Matt Beach that I'd pinch some British lad on the bum for him, and I shan't share such an experience with anyone who doesn't want to hear it. (But, honestly, who wouldn't?)

Nikki Herrera and Anna Gadzinski, beware. Or rather, England beware! Three insane American girls are invading Oxford! (Two boys as well, but who cares about them? They're boys.)

Also, to anyone who cares, the username ayankatoxford comes from the 1938 film "A Yank at Oxford" where a young American student goes to Oxford University and, of course, hilarity ensues. F. Scott Fitzgerald (GATSBY LIVES), without credit, worked on some of the screenplay. I care about things like that. I thought that it was fitting.